Hmmm... Where to begin. Ive been a patient here since Drs Morse & Doyle took the practice over. I have had several crowns done as well as general dentistry needs. Always always satisfied but due to the cost of my procedures I kept getting calls and letters from my insurance saying if you would go to somebody that's in "network" you would get a better deal. SO... I decided to look around. I visited a dentist that was "in network". They were nice but it just wasn't the same! I just didn't trust that the dentist I was visiting could give me the expertise advise and care that I have gotten from Drs Morse & Doyle! Not only are they so friendly and nice, but they make sure that you walk out feeling confident that your teeth look great! It doesn't matter how long it takes, they give you the undivided attention and care you need. So HAPPY to be back! It's just like coming home!! Love these people!! Shout out to Belinda! Sweet lady! If your in doubt, give them a try. It's a choice that will change the way you think about going to the dentist!

P. Boles

My family and I have been long-time patients of this practice. The reason we stay loyal to this group is simply that we are satisfied with the service, professionalism, competence and courtesy demonstrated by the staff. Having one's dental needs met with the least amount of discomfort and annoyance will always be our priority when choosing a dentist. Morse & Doyle DDS PA meets/exceeds all these requirements.

P. Grant

Everyone in this office is great. From the great welcome at the reception desk all the way through the entire process. Let's face it. We all hate going to the dentist. These guys know it and make it a great experience.

G. Fowler

I had a very bad experience with dentists as a child which caused me to avoid care for far too long. Jody, Mike, Lisa and rest of the staff have for all practical purposes relieved me of the built up fears. I don't look forward to dental appointments; but I no longer dread having to go. That's a major achievement.

J. Fair

I have been going to this dentist for at least 5 years now after switching from a different Kernersville dentist. The staff is always really nice and in a good mood. I recently had a filling replaced and was asked what radio station I wanted to listen to during the procedure, which was a first for me, and really helped me relax. On top of that, it was the quickest and most pain free filling I've ever had done, and the numbing medication didn't linger all afternoon to make me feel like I was drooling everywhere which was awesome!

L. Grace

So glad we found Morse & Doyle after moving to Kernersville. This is a top-notch practice. Friendly, professional, and accommodating. I'm impressed by their use of technology for practice management, patient communications, and clinical practice. But, the personal touch we receive from every member of the team is why we will continue to go there. Highly recommended.

W. Moye

I'm happy I found the Morse and Doyle Dental practice- my family and I have been going to them for more than 5 years. I love that they know me when I come in, it is a great balance of professionalism and friendliness. They always explain my treatment options, and take extra care to ensure that I'm comfortable as I tend to be somewhat nervous for different procedures. I highly recommend them!

A. Spain

I feel that I receive quality dental care in a friendly, relaxed environment. There is actually laughing going on while I'm having my teeth cleaned. Who likes going to the dentist? I certainly didn't look forward to it in the past due to childhood dental experiences. This office was highly recommended to me when I moved into the area and it has totally lived up to its reputation. I wanted a dental practice who was great with children and "chickens". Love the staff. Office is very organized and punctual. I would definitely recommend this practice.

M. Morris